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About MyAstronautCostume.com

Welcome to My Astronaut Costume, your one stop shop for astronaut attire and accessories – perfect for space-themed fancy dress parties or astronaut cosplay, moon landing reenactments, and role-playing events.

You’ll find everything here to complete your astronaut wardrobe for adults and children alike – modern day replicas of white NASA space suits and helmets used on space walks; classic vintage-style bubble helmet space suits as worn by Neil Armstrong; iconic blue flight suits with matching Space Shuttle, or NASA or flag badges and patches; “pumpkin” LES and ACES style jumpsuits in bright international orange; a range of space accessories such as boots, gloves, and backpacks. And if you prefer casual dress, but love the world of astronauts, check out our range of space-themed T-shirts.

The very first space suit worn by a human in space, of course, was the Soviet SK-1 suit worn by the legendary cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961 during his successful flight on the Vostok 1 spacecraft. If you’re a fan of the Soviet era space program, you’ll also find rare commemorative Yuri Gagarin items here, as well as replicas of the modern Sokol space suit too.

With more and more people all over the world able to follow the day to day lives in space of modern day astronauts such as NASA’s Scott Kelly, and ESA’s Tim Peake and Samantha Cristoforetti on the International Space Station (ISS) via Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the huge success of recent movies such as Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian, it would seem that astronauts have never been more popular and any kind of space-themed costume is sure to be a big hit during Mardi Gras Carnival festivities or your Halloween party this fall.

This website is a place to share our love of dressing up and astronaut gear…enjoy your visit and don’t forget to check out our Space Oddities blog with articles, information, fun facts about astronauts and miscellaneous space discoveries found on the Web!

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